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Understanding the Uniqueness of Center-Take-Off Installation

1993 - 2004 Chrysler Group and 1982-1993 General Motors J, L & N body vehicles came equipped with center-take-off (CTO) style rack & pinions. (See figure 2) These applications are unique in the way the tie-rods are secured to the unit. During replacement, don’t forget to re-use the washers, bolts and lock plate. Pay extra attention to the washers, as years of road grime, heat and material breakdown can cause the washers to bond with the boot. If the washers are not used, the bolts will cause extensive damage internally to the housing. If the fasteners listed above, are either lost or damaged, CARDONE has completely new CTO installation kits available for both GM and Chrysler applications, part numbers 22K100 & 22K300, respectively.

Failing to use all components could cause noise, binding or damage to the replacement rack & pinion housing resulting in a very costly mistake or even dangerous situation when driving the vehicle. Following the instructions above will prevent you from running into this problem.


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