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Counter TIps: Mass Airflow Sensors

Get All the Parts for the Job

  • Test Light

  • Digital Volt Ohm Meter

  • Scan Tool

  • Wiring Diagrams

  • Repair Manual

Symptoms of ECM Failure

  • Erratic idle speeds

  • Rough idle / engine surging

  • Engine stalling

  • Check engine light on

  • Loss of power

Do the Job Right

mass airflow
  • Obtain trouble codes from computer.  
    Use scan tool or “check engine light” to read codes.

  • Check codes to see if MAF sensor is suspect.
    GM Codes 33, 34, or 36 Ford Code 26, 56, 66, or 76

  • Determine location of MAF sensor.
    MAF sensors are located in the engine’s air intake duct after the air cleaner.

  • Test MAF sensor.
    With car running, tap MAF sensor. If failure occurs, MAF sensor is defective.

  • Test MAF sensor wiring.
    With vehicle running, wiggle wire harness. If failure occurs, problem is in MAF sensor wiring.

  • Remove MAF sensor from car.
    Check harness and connector for broken wires.

  • Remove mounting clamps and o-rings from defective MAF sensor.
    Clamps and o-rings will be used to install new MAF sensor.

  • Check air ducts for damage.
    For proper operation, there must be no air leaks.

Avoid Warranty Problems

  • Use the installation instructions supplied with every MAF sensor.
    Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.

  • Make sure all trouble codes are repaired.
    In addition to the bad MAF sensor, there may also be a defective ECM or other sensors.

  • Eliminate engine misfiring or backfiring.
    An engine backfire will destroy the new MAF sensor.

  • Check engine harnesses and connectors for corrosion and damage.
    Wiggle cables while car is running to see if a fault occurs.

Use CARDONE Mass Airflow Sensors for Long Life & Proven Performance

  • The most complete MAF sensor coverage available in the industry

  • Every MAF sensor is 100% full function tested

  • Tested under simulated on the car extremes for temperature, shock, and vibration

  • ASE certified technical service available

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