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Top Constant Velocity Drive Axle Questions

  • I installed a replacement CV drive axle and now my ABS light is on and won't go out. Why?

    When the replacement drive axle was installed, the sensor ring, sensor, or sensor wiring on or near the axle was damaged, causing an erratic speed signal to the ABS module and setting the light on.
  • When I cut the wheel hard and step on the gas, I hear loud clicking and snapping. What's making that noise?

    The most likely cause is a defective or worn outer CV axle joint. It may be time to get it replaced.
  • When I step on the gas, I hear a loud thump and feel a bad vibration. What's wrong?

    The most likely cause is the drive train shifting in the chassis due to a broken engine mount or hardware, causing misalignment of the axle and causing the inner joint to bind or hang up.
  • I hear a grinding noise from the front end while driving and see grease on the chassis and suspension. What is causing this?

    The most likely problem is the outer CV boot has ruptured, causing the grease to leak out, allowing contamination (water and dirt) to enter and damage the joint.
  • I removed both axles at the same time and now I am having problems reinstalling them. What can I do?

    The transaxle gear alignment has been lost. On some vehicles it will be necessary to disassemble the transaxle to properly align the output gears. ALWAYS remove and install one axle at a time when replacing the drive axles.
  • The old axle has a locking style (prevailing torque) nut on the axle. Should I reuse it?

    NO! Prevailing type lock nuts should never be reused. Always discard old and install a new one.
  • The CV fixed joint is stuck in the hub assembly. What's the best way to remove it?

    Always use the proper press type tool to remove the old shaft. NEVER strike the outer stub shaft with a hammer. It will damage the unit and possibly do damage to the hub bearing assembly.
  • Is it OK to use an impact hammer to install the retaining nut?

    Never use an impact wrench to install the nut on the axle. Always use a torque wrench and torque the nut to manufacture's specifications.
  • When I replace the drive axles, should I reuse the old seals?

    When replacing axle assemblies, always install new transaxle seals.
  • Can I let the axles hang while I am working on the car?

    Never allow the CV shafts to hang unsupported. This can lead to axle separation and damage to the inner joint.
  • The wheels wobble when I make a turn. What's the problem

    The most likely cause is a broken bearing cage due to excessive torque load. Typically this in an outboard joint problem.

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