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CARDONE Supplies All Caliper Hardware

Friction Choice Calipers

Part # 18-4542


Part #18-B4542
with bracket


1 Sleeve, 2 Pad Clips, 2 Bolts, 2 Guide Pins, 2 Dust Boots, 2 Copper Washers

2 Pad Clips,
2 Copper Washers

To increase customer satisfaction, CARDONE offers Friction Choice Calipers, which include all the hardware needed for installation. As a result, service dealers can offer the highest quality parts and be assured the job will be done right the first time. This is not limited to our most popular part numbers, but every Friction Choice Caliper is equipped with complete and consistent hardware. They are also available with pre-installed brackets.

Our hardware allows for quick and easy installation, because service dealers no longer need to search for replacement components or reuse old hardware. In addition, all rear parking brake hardware is installed and lubricated. Below are examples of A1 CARDONE Friction Choice Calipers with their specific hardware. They both fit 1993-2002 Cadillac applications, but one comes with a pre-installed bracket and the other comes without. In either case, all hardware is included to complete the job.

The CARDONE dedication to quality and consistency is supported in our focus on facilitating caliper installation and offering you flexibility. With the freedom now available to choose whatever friction is desired, Friction Choice Calipers can be tailored to meet your customers’ needs. This winning combination of quality, consistency, and flexibility is another example of how CARDONE helps drive your business.

CARDONE's other caliper offerings include Bolt-on Ready and Severe Duty Friction Calipers.

Bolt-on Ready Calipers


Bolt-on Ready Calipers are equipped with premium grade pads and all the necessary installation hardware. The hardware included allows for quick and easy installation giving the service dealer more time to accept repair jobs!

Severe Duty Friction Calipers


Severe Duty Friction Calipers are Bolt-on Ready, with extreme-endurance pads. These pads are designed for ultimate performance under excessive heat and wear from frequently braking vehicles such as taxis, emergency vehicles and government vehicles.

Every A1 CARDONE product must pass various levels of quality control. CARDONE’s unprecedented quality management system produces consistent high quality in every part.

View our monthly new part number releases of the latest domestic & import vehicles.