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Reman Electronic Power Steering

Why Buy Magna-Pure® Power Steering Pumps or In-line Filters?

They reduce comebacks by up to 40%!

Debris is a major cause of steering system failure. It travels via power steering fluid throughout the entire steering system, eroding and clogging various components and hoses, leading to expensive repairs. Flushing the steering system helps ensure quality repair, but flushing alone does not remove 100% of debris. CARDONE’s exclusive Magna-Pure filtration extends steering system life and ensures proper performance over the long haul.

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Power steering technology is continually evolving. While hydraulic systems continue to have a large presence in today’s repair market, electronic steering is quickly catching up and will tip the scales in the not-so-distant future.

When it comes to Electronic Power Steering, CARDONE already has you covered! We're taking our years of know-how and expertise to bring you the best EPS parts on the automotive aftermarket.

electronic rack & pinion

Expertly remanufactured to rigorous quality and performance standards, CARDONE Electronic Power Steering Rack and Pinions are equipped with brand- new, premium components to guarantee exceptional longevity and reliability. Each unit undergoes CARDONE's Factory Test Drive, simulating extreme operating conditions while verifying all on-car communications. All rubber sealing components are replaced, and a specialized lubricant is applied to drastically increase longevity.

  • 100% replacement of rubber sealing components
  • Application of specialized lubricant(s) for extended life
  • Finished in protective coating to prevent corrosion and rust
  • Each unit undergoes CARDONE's Factory Test Drive, simulating extreme operating conditions while verifying all on-car communications

Here are a couple of samples of our Electronic Rack & Pinion units


Part #1A2003
2010 - 2012 FORD FUSION
VIO: 750,000


Part #1A2014
2013 - 2017 FORD FUSION
VIO: 1,300,000

eps manual rack & pinion

CARDONE Remanufactured Rack & Pinions are re-engineered, built, and tested to meet or exceed O.E. standards. These Manual Racks are part of EPS Systems that utilize Column Motor Steering Assist. A final protective coating is applied and each unit is tested to guarantee perfect fit and function.

Here are a couple of samples of our EPS Manual Rack & Pinion units:

Part #1G1810
2004 - 2012 GM MALIBU/G6/AURA
VIO: 1,900,000

Part #1G1811
2003 - 2010 GM COBALT/G5/ION
VIO: 1,500,000

Part #1G26007
VIO: 2,400,000

Our knowledge and passion for EPS doesn't end there! We recently held a 30 min EPS Webinar discussing topics such as types of EPS and emerging technologies, how EPS works, and best service practices. To view that webinar, click on the hyperlink text or the image below and fill out the registration form.



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