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Environmental Commitment

Saving the environment one core at a time...



Remanufacturing is one of the simplest ways to achieve environmental sustainability. It saves over 80% of the energy and raw material required to manufacture a new part and keeps used parts, otherwise known as "cores", out of landfills. Remanufacturing can often improve the original design by using re-engineering techniques to determine why a part failed prematurely.

That ability to diagnose flaws, renew original cores and improve their performance is what differentiates remanufacturing from recycling, where used products are broken down to their raw form.

Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish


CARDONE has been operating in an environmentally conscious manner since we first opened our doors in 1970. In fact, protection and conservation of the common environment is a fundamental component of our corporate policy. Over 44 years later, our business has grown but our ecological footprint has remained small. This didn’t happen by accident. We view our impact on the environment through the lens of social responsibility, not just profitability. As stewards of the earth, we have developed our remanufacturing processes following the principles of sustainability – Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish.

In an effort to remain true to our corporate policy and commitment to environmental sustainability, we constantly evaluate our business operations to find opportunities to further improve procedures. Over the past two years, one area of focus has been stormwater runoff at our corporate headquarters and main distribution facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While significant in its own right, this project is just a part of CARDONE’s broader and ongoing commitment to clean water issues. In fact, CARDONE was recently named the recipient of the Philadelphia Water Department’s 2016 Gold Award in recognition of the company’s achievement of 100 percent compliance with its wastewater permits and pretreatment efforts that resulted in the company to prevent even a single violation in the whole year.

While we are proud of this accomplishment, this achievement merely reflects the results of a strong corporate commitment to environmental sustainability and green principles. It is, put simply, just the way CARDONE does business.

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