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Top Power Steering Pump Questions

  • I drive a Honda, do I really need to use the Honda-specified power steering fluid?

    Honda applications must use Honda fluid (O.E. or aftermarket is available). The Honda steering components are designed for the thinner viscosity of Honda fluid. Using regular power steering fluid will over-work the system and cause premature failure. Similarly, many other O.E.'s like Volkswagen, Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz specify what type of fluid must be used, so please read your owners manual.
  • Should I ever change my fluid, even though nothing is wrong?

    Yes. GM now recommends that power steering fluid should be changed at 50,000 miles and continue at that interval. Just like engine oil, power steering fluid will eventually break down and carry suspended contaminants from component wear and breakdown.
  • I bought a replacement power steering pump and my original pulley is too loose. What should I do?

    Your original pump's input shaft enlarged causing the pulley hole to increase during removal. The pulley must be replaced.
  • Why is there no pressure after I installed a new pump?

    Improper pulley installation or if the unit was dropped on the input shaft could cause the high pressure plate to move out of position. Remove pump and can and tap on the back of the pump with a hammer (carefully). This will re-seat the plate and the unit will now function.
  • Why did I lose power assist after a couple of days?

    Most likely cause is contamination. Remove the pressure hose and pressure fitting on the power steering pump. Remove flow control valve and spring. Clean the valve with fine emery paper and check the valve bore nicks. Reinstall the spring, valve, fitting and hose. Flush and bleed system and re-test. If okay, install power steering filter to prevent problem from re-occurring.
  • The fitting on my original unit is the opposite of the replacement. Why?

    Due to parts proliferation, you need to reuse your original fitting with the replacement unit. Make sure when changing that the "O" ring seal does not block holes on fitting. If it does, you will not have pressure.
  • Why do I still have hard steering in one direction after I replaced the pump?

    The problem is not in the pump it is in the steering gear. The pump would cause a steering problem in both directions.
  • Why is the pump is making a whining noise all of the time?

    Air is in the system. Remove reservoir lid and inspect fluid level and condition. If fluid has foam or air bubbles present, you must bleed the system again.