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Top Vacuum Pump Questions

  • What are the different types of vacuum pumps?

    Several styles used are: distributor, fuel pump, gear driven (cam type), belt driven, and electric.
  • Are pulleys supplied with CARDONE belt driven units (where applicable)?

    No. The original pulley must be transferred to replacement pump.
  • How do I remove the original pulley and install it on the replacement unit?

    ALWAYS use the proper pulley puller to remove the pulley. Use the installation tool supplied in the box and follow the installation instructions provided. NEVER hammer on pulley or pump to remove or install pulley.
  • How much vacuum is produced by vacuum pumps?

    The range produced by vacuum pumps can be 18 to 24 inches of Hg (vacuum), depending upon application.
  • There is a vacuum leak around unit, what’s wrong?

    Check for loose, cracked, missing vacuum lines or fittings.
  • Oil is leaking from my original vacuum pump, what’s wrong?

    A damaged diaphragm or bad internal seals can cause oil leaks. Replacement of unit is necessary.
  • The pump is not drawing enough vacuum. Why?

    Check the air inlet. Debris, contamination, blocked filter or collapsed hoses may be preventing air from entering unit. Also check the condition of the unit for excessive wear. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • On the original gear driven unit the gear teeth are damaged, what could be wrong?

    A bent shaft, damaged housing, seized bearings, a defective oil pump or a worn valve train could have placed too much load on gears causing damage or abnormal wear. Always check the original unit’s gear teeth. If any wear or damage is found, the drive gear, (cam gear/shaft) should be checked and repaired as necessary.
  • If an electric pump produces no vacuum, what should be checked?

    If motor does not run check fuse, wiring and control switch. Check air inlet, be sure it is free of debris and hoses are good. If a filter is installed, check for blockage. Carefully tap on the unit lightly with the ignition key in the run position. If the unit runs, the motor armature is bad. Replace the vacuum pump.