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New Air Suspension Shock Mounts

Suspension Shock Mounts

A reliable alternative to the O.E. dealer

Suspension shock mounts are designed to reduce vehicle noise and vibration by providing a cushion between the strut and vehicle. Over time, the density of the insulating material breaks down, allowing more vibration to transmit into the vehicle. Any time struts are replaced, new mounting kits should be installed at the same time. CARDONE 100% New Suspension Shock Mounts provide O.E. performance and help restore ride comfort and handling.

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  • 100% New
  • Includes bearing where strut attaches to vehicle, providing pivot points that improve ride smoothness and response
  • Matches O.E. fit, form and function
  • Provides vibration dampening to improve ride comfort
  • CARDONE New Air Suspension products are guaranteed to fit and function like the original - at a fraction of the typical market price.

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