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New Air Suspension Shock Absorbers

Suspension Shock Absorbers

O.E. quality without the O.E. price!

Shock absorbers play an important role in automotive suspension systems by limiting vehicle body movement caused by driving styles and road conditions. Common failures occur through normal wear and tear, resulting in oil leakage from a damaged seal or bushing. CARDONE's 100% New Shock Absorbers are engineered with high-quality materials that meet or exceed O.E. performance and return the suspension system to proper function.

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  • Includes a plug for the auto-dampening control unit which eliminates dash panel error messages, if applicable.
  • Includes free-floating dividing piston and high-strength pressure tube to help prevent damage and provide longer life.
  • CARDONE New Air Suspension products are guaranteed to fit and function like the original - at a fraction of the typical market price.

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