Cardone Service Plus

Rack & Pinion Inner Tie Rod End Repair Kits

  • CARDONE's Tie Rod End Repair Kit is the easiest way to repair an inner tie rod end without having to re-use old, rusty parts.
  • No special tools or lubrication are required, and it comes with all the components needed to do the job right: steel inserts, flat washers, bolt spacer, bolts and retainer.
  • 100% computerized hydraulic testing for proper flow, leakage and performance ensures perfect fit and function.
  • 100% new o-rings and lip seals ensure no leaking and long-lasting performance.
  • All new spool valve seals and rack donut seals are installed to eliminate internal leaks and ensure reliable performance.
  • Racks are surfaced to precise specifications to prevent leaking between chambers and extend unit life.

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