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Air Suspension Conversion Kits

Air Suspension Conversion Kits

A reliable alternative to standard air suspension.

Modern air suspension systems rely on air compressors, struts and springs all working in harmony to balance the vehicle and absorb shocks. When everything is functioning properly, the systems works well. However, repairs can be expensive when a component fails. The A1 CARDONE Air Suspension Conversion Kit is a cost-effective alternative that converts troublesome air suspension applications to a more reliable coil spring solution.

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  • All components and hardware are included.
  • Components are powder-coated for durability and longevity.
  • Kit eliminates future electronic issues related to the compressor.
  • CARDONE Air Suspension products are guaranteed to fit and function like the original - at a fraction of the typical market price.

Protect Your Repair

The 3F's can

save you

costly repairs.

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