Cardone Select

New Severe-Duty Water Pumps

Why buy CARDONE Select Water Pumps?

Just ask our customers!

“I am a really big fan of your Cardone Select products, such as your water pumps and power steering pumps. I can say one thing also - your reman products have never let me down. I will always use the best, and that is your products.”

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  • 100% computer tested for maximum performance and durability.
  • Applications demanding high off-set loads are upgraded to a Ball/Roller bearing to ensure long-lasting reliable performance.
  • Bearings made of heat-treated carbon or carburized steel are sealed and lubricated to ensure smooth performance throughout unit life.
  • CARDONE Select Engineered (CSE) Technology ensures that all CARDONE Select Water Pumps meet or exceed O.E. form, fit and function.
  • Every unit is supplied with a premium quality mounting gasket for a guaranteed, leak-proof seal on all mounting surfaces.
  • Hubs and impellers are precisely perpendicular to the bearing shaft to eliminate excessive bearing load and noise.
  • O.E.-supplied NEW unitized seals ensure long-lasting, trouble-free performance.
  • Original casting specifications are strictly followed to ensure proper fit for easy installation and proper water flow for maximum cooling.

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