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Cardone Select

New Motors Products

100% NEW Electrical Motors

Built Better from the Start!

Based on over 44 years of making top-rated remanufactured products, we’ve seen where – and why –original parts fail. This unique, reverse-engineering expertise is the foundation of CARDONE Select Engineered (CSE) Technology. The CSE process identifies and corrects original design flaws, resulting in longer-lasting, reliable new electrical motors.

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Broad Coverage

  • Window Lift Motor coverage from 1965 through 2013.
    • These SKUs cover 70% of our A1 CARDONE reman part number sales!
  • Wiper Motor coverage from 1981 through 2016. 
    • Make CARDONE your first choice to help you supply hard-to-find part numbers. 
  • Extensive A1 CARDONE remanufactured coverage supplements CARDONE Select offering.
    • Aftermarket replacement parts for brand-new vehicles or cars with a low vehicle population are typically hard to find in new, but can be found in our reman program.

High Quality

  • Every unit is guaranteed for fit, form and function.
  • Designed with CARDONE Select Engineered Technology and commitment to quality.
  • Rigorous testing program ensures reliable performance.
  • 100% load tested ensuring each unit performs as designed.

CARDONE Solutions

  • ASE Certified Technical advisors.
    • Our technical advisors help you tackle tough installation questions.
  • Outstanding order fill.
    • Get the part, when you need it!
  • Priority Plus emergency overnight shipping option.
    • Get products delivered the next day to your shop so you can get your customers car back on the road when promised.
  • Core recycling program
    • Need help disposing of old parts?  Our voluntary recycling program helps you get rid of clutter and keeps our planet healthy.