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Reman Pump Mounted Drivers

CARDONE Pump Mounted Drivers

Ready for extreme heat and vibration

The Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) on the Injector Pump is the primary cause of failure on the 1994-2002 GM 6.5L diesel due to the extreme heat and vibration. Our A1 CARDONE PMD's have been built with longevity in mind. We've obsessed over the details, including improved transistor mounting and a thicker anodized aluminum heat sink to ensure your truck is there for you when you need it.

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  • Flexible potting material prevents premature failure of solder joints due to vibration.
  • Improved over original performance - 100% new build using components rated at 125 degrees C compared to 85 degrees C (O.E. design), which prevents premature failure due to high heat environment.
  • Thicker heat sink for heat transfer prevents premature failure due to high heat environment.
  • 100% resolder of critical components ensures superior electrical connections, no intermittent failures and longer product life.
  • All modules are 100% tested with automated computerized test equipment to ensure functionality and reliable.
  • CARDONE Engineers have identified common wear components that are 100% replaced in our remanufactured units to ensure reliable performance.
  • On-car vehicle validation routines ensure that modules meet all form, fit, durability and performance requirements.

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