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Reman Fuel/Air Systems

Why Buy CARDONE Diesel Fuel Injectors and Turbos?

Just ask our customers!

"The performance of CARDONE Diesel Fuel Injectors and Turbos at The Parts House's fleet customers has been very good. Fleet customer mechanics have provided good feedback, commenting that CARDONE products have outperformed other brands previously used. "

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Broad Coverage of Fuel/Air System Products

Turbos, Superchargers, Turbo Mounting Pedestals

  • Turbochargers for light/medium duty diesel trucks and diesel & gas passenger cars 1992-2013 
    • Suburu, Mini Cooper, Volkswagon, Audi, Volvo, Mazda, Dodge
  • Superchargers for gas vehicles
    • Ford, GM, Mercedes, Nissan 1991-2004
  • Turbo Mounting Pedestal SKU’s (available with or without turbo)
    • Covers the entire range of Ford 7.3L Powerstroke engines

Diesel Fuel Injectors, Injection Pumps, PMDs, Injector Driver Modules

  • Light/Medium Duty commercial diesel vehicles
    • Dodge, Ford, and GM from 1982 through 2014

Smog Pumps

  • Complete import and domestic coverage from 1966 – 2014

Vacuum Pumps

  • Complete import and domestic coverage from 1978 – 2012

Fuel/Air Products with Guaranteed Performance

Turbos, Superchargers, Turbo Mounting Pedestals

  • All units are completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected. All standard wear items (rotating and thrust bearings and all seals) are replaced.
  • All surfaces/components are renewed as needed.
  • All units come with required gaskets/mounting hardware.
  • All units are dynamically balanced.

Diesel Fuel Injectors, Injection Pumps, PMDs, Injector Driver Modules

  • All internal parts are inspected, replaced or renewed as required. 
  • Each unit is calibrated to O.E. specifications.

Smog & Vacuum Pumps

  • 100% computer tested for quality and reliability
  • Smog air pumps meet OBD II requirements, where applicable
  • All critical vacuum pump components are replaced 100%: diaphragms, O-rings, check valves and garter spring seals


CARDONE Difference

Mounting Pedestals for Ford light duty 7.3L Powerstroke applications have been reengineered to improve upon an engine oil leaking issue around the cold start valve stem. CARDONE units are designed with a larger, more durable sealing arrangement. These units are 100% dynamically tested under equivalent engine operating oil pressures.

O.E. “Pump Mounted Driver” on the injector pump is the primary cause of failure on the 2002-1994 GM 6.5L Diesel.

CARDONE offers two configurations:

  1. Fully Loaded Pump (part #2H104)
  2. PMD only (part #77-2836) - improved over O.E. design
    • Thicker anodized aluminum heat sink than O.E.
    • Components rated to 125°C– exceeding O.E. design of 85°C
    • Potting material more flexible than the original for high temperature and vibration
    • Improved transistor mounting

3 complete kits for Dodge/Cummins engines address the common failure mode in 1998-2002 vehicles with VP44 fuel injection pumps.

  • Kit includes: fuel injection pump, electric fuel pump, filter & installation kit
  • Common failure occurs in the electric fuel pump, which in turn causes the costly fuel injection pump to fail. Electric fuel pump in replacement kit is re-engineered to prevent repeat failure.

CARDONE Solutions

  • The industry's leading fuel/air systems remanufacturer.
    • A1 CARDONE Fuel/Air Systems products feature distinct quality advantages over other suppliers.
  • Outstanding order fill
    • We have the parts you need when you need them.
  • Priority Plus emergency overnight shipping
    • Get your customer back on the road fast!
  • Rebuild and Return (R&R) Service
  • ASE-trained technical advisors
    • Our technical experts answer tough installation questions. Call them at 888-280-8324, Mon.-Fri. from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST (5:00 PM on Fri.)

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