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Reman Drive Motor Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

The perfect blend of high quality & a great price!

Hybrid Inverters are a critical component in hybrid battery systems. They step up the voltage required to power electric drive motors and step down the voltage needed for conventional 12-volt systems such as interior lighting. These units typically fail due to overheating and electrical faults. CARDONE Hybrid Inverters provide long-lasting durability at a considerably discounted cost.

2004-09 Toyota Prius » hybrid-inverters-first-read
  • All mounting and exterior components are cleaned with plastic or glass media.
  • Covers are powder coated to increase corrosion protection
  • Each Inverter is completely disassembled to identify damaged components, which are then replaced with O.E. parts.
  • Inductors and capacitors are inspected for damage and replaced with O.E. parts, where applicable.
  • Testing is performed to duplicate real world driving conditions and to ensure proper functionality during power-up and power-down cycles.

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