Reman Camshaft Synchronizers w/Sensor

Performance You Can Trust

Without the High Price

A1 CARDONE Camshaft Synchronizers are meticulously remanufactured in our advanced production facilities and 100% tested to ensure O.E. performance - at a fraction of the high prices offered elsewhere.

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  • 100% NEW bushings installed on every unit correct the most common Camshaft Synchronizer failure.
  • All electronic module components are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality.
  • Automated test equipment verifies signal strength, correct polarity of wire harness, air gap, crank reluctor tooth size, as well as ignition coil and pickup performance
  • CARDONE uses the right gear hardness for the appropriate application. If the gear is too hard, it will damage the cam; if it's too soft, the gear itself will be damaged, potentially causing severe engine damage – possibly even engine failure. Many offshore manufacturers use one gear hardness without varying by application as O.E. designs do.
  • O.E. components with consistently high failure rates are 100% replaced or repaired to meet or exceed O.E. performance.
  • Precise machining tolerances prevent oil leakage, poor timing, setting of the "Check Engine" light, and premature failure.

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