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Reman Electronics Products

Why Buy CARDONE’s FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer?

Just ask our customers!

"CARDONE's FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer tool is a great, easy opportunity for anyone to increase their bottom line… It is possible to do as many as six to seven units a day and more! We've literally done hundreds of FLASH events and quickly paid off our initial investment of purchasing the tool.”

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Remanufactured Automotive Electronics for All Makes and Models

  • CARDONE is first to market with SKUs featuring the latest technology and extensive vehicle coverage, so you don't have to go to the O.E. dealer to service your customers.
  • ECM Rebuild and Return Service covers all makes and models.
  • Turn technology into profits with CARDONE's FLASH All-Makes Reprogrammer
    • FLASH enables fast and easy programming of all types of modules including ECMs, BCMs, TCMs and PCMs!
    • FLASH handles ALL domestic makes, Toyota/Scion, Honda/Acura and Mazda.
    • Industry analysts estimate that 1 in 10 vehicles on the road today require a FLASH update!

Broad Line of Electronics Products

  • Electronic Throttle Body coverage through 2018
  • Import and domestic Distributor coverage from 1949 through the latest models with Distributors
  • ECM/PCM coverage through 2014
  • MAF coverage through 2018
  • Camshaft Synchronizers with Sensor coverage through 2007
  • FLASH reprogramming and VIN programming services available for GM, Ford, and Chrysler OBD I and OBD II ECM’s
  • J2534-1 and J2534-2 compliant FLASH reprogramming tool available for domestic and import applications so you can stop sending you customers to the new car dealer and generate new cash flow

High Quality

  • On-car vehicle validation testing ensures that our electronic module products and processes meet all product fit, finish, functionality and durability requirements
  • All electronic modules are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality
  • All components and materials used in our remanufactured products meet or exceed O.E. performance
  • Faulty O.E. wire inter-connects are 100% remanufactured using ultrasonic wire bonding processes
  • Advanced robotic remanufacturing equipment ensures precision-made units and consistent high-quality with every part
  • MAF Sensors precisely track O.E. output curves and maintain spec tolerances to ensure accurate feedback to the engines engine control management system

CARDONE Solutions

  • The industry's leading electronics remanufacturer.
  • Outstanding order fill
    • We have the parts you need when you need them.
  • Priority Plus emergency overnight shipping
    • Get your customer back on the road fast!
  • Rebuild and Return (R&R) Service
  • ASE-trained technical advisors
    • Our technical experts answer tough installation questions. Call them at 888-280-8324, Mon.-Fri. from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST (5:00 PM on Fri.)

View our monthly new part number releases of the latest domestic & import vehicles.