Competitor Comparison: The Best Steering Parts

CARDONE's Quality Assurance Laboratory tested three CARDONE remanufactured Power Steering Pumps and three Rack & Pinion units against three of the same remanufactured units from a competitor. The results of the tests are detailed below.

Feature Compared Cardone Competitor "X" Cardone Advantage
Power Steering Pump Reservoirs / Housings Finger inspected and restamped to reshape dented can. Questionable manufacturing procedures.Dented area around can may cause o-ring to be cut and the unit to leak. CARDONE pumps are thoroughly tested to ensure housing and reservoir properly fit and function.
Campacs CARDONE uses new O.E. style "H" slippers in their campac design. Uses old style "C" slippers in their campacs.Units will be noisy and may fail prematurely due to design flaw. New "H" slippers are less noisy and contribute to unit longevity.
Spool Valves Racks are sleeved with the Tri-bond process which includes mechanical, chemical and thermal bonds to hold sleeve in place. Racks are sleeved but are not Tri-bonded. A sleeve that moves within the unit will cut off fluid lines leading to a potentially serious accident due to an immediate loss of steering assist. Crimped or coined sleeves along with thermal and chemical bonds (Tri-bonded) will forever remain in place guaranteeing safe performance.
Cleaning  Wash and brush rinse process. Blasting with glass particles.Contamination and glass debris left from the harsh cleaning process may damage seals and cause leakage.  Washing cleans just as well without damaging the housing and leaves no contamination or glass particles that may cut seals inside the unit.
Instruction Sheet Tri-lingual, in-depth instruction sheets included to aid in removal and installation of unit Brief, English-only instruction sheets are occassionally included on installation.Leaves many mechanics with unanswered questions on proper removal and installation procedures. CARDONE helps the customer decrease installation time and effort, while increasing their profitability in every area of the country.


CARDONE's remanufactured Power Steering Pumps and Rack and Pinion Units not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but are the leading choice in the remanufactured market.