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Competitor Comparison: The Best Smog Pumps

CARDONE's Quality Assurance Laboratory tested two CARDONE remanufactured Smog Pumps against two remanufactured Smog Pumps from a competitor. The results of the tests are detailed below.

Feature Compared Cardone Competitor "X" Cardone Advantage
Vanes Uses proper size vanes. Uses under sized vanes. Undersized vanes may cause improper air flow through the unit. Every unit is tested for proper CFM (cubic feet/minute-total volume output of air/minute). CARDONE uses O.E. quality materials in every unit to ensure customers a 100% quality product.
Hubs Pressed with anaerobic adhesive. Pressed without anaerobic adhesive. May cause hubs to detach from the backplate resulting in premature pump failure. Each hub is pressed with anaerobic adhesive to guarantee hub attachment.
Carbon Springs Proper spring tension. Improper spring tension. Excessive bend may cause premature carbon wear. Proper spring tension increases the longevity of CARDONE units.
Carbon Shoe Installs carbon shoe. Shoes are not provided above the carbon sticks. This may cause an improper seal and the unit to fail. Carbon shoes are installed in every unit to aid proper seal, promoting accurate CFH (cubic feet per hour) level.
Cleaning Process Thorough cleaning process that removes all residue. Questionable cleaning process. Internal contamination remained. CARDONE thoroughly cleans every unit to prevent contamination which may affect the Smog Pump’s performance.
Instruction Sheet Tri-lingual (English, Spanish, and French) Basic English instructions. Printed on the outside of the box. CARDONE meets the language needs of regional, national, and international customers.
Testing Tests for accurate CFH (cubic feet/hour) output. Also tests "run-in" (500 mile time period necessary for the vanes to break-in with the housing) at 1,000 RPMs Unknown testing procedures. Proper testing during steps in the remanufacturing process guarantees the customer product quality and reliability every time.


CARDONE's remanufactured Smog Pumps not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but are the leading choice in the remanufactured market.