Competitor Comparison: The Best Master Cylinders

CARDONE's Quality Assurance Laboratory tested seven CARDONE remanufactured Master Cylinders against three remanufactured Master Cylinders from a competitor. The results of the tests are detailed below.

Feature Compared Cardone Competitor "X" Cardone Advantage
Castings Exclusive rust preventative coated Oil dipped. Temporary rust preventative. Internal rust induces unit failure, external rust causes poor product appearance Exclusive rust preventative coating prevents rust for the lifetime of the master cylinder, resulting in longer shelf life and product reliability
Bore Pitting or corrosion not permitted in the piston cup travel areas. Pitting and corrosion found in piston cup travel areas.Corrosion wears piston cups leading to premature unit failure. Zero pitting ensures long piston cup and unit life
Cleaning Process Thorough cleaning process that removes all residue Questionable cleaning process.Units contained rust and sludge which damage the piston cups and contaminate the entire brake system. CARDONE thoroughly cleans every unit to prevent contamination which may affect the master cylinder performance.
 Bleeder Kits CARDONE supplies bleeder kits with every unit. Does not supply bleeder kits with every unit. Bleeder kits help the service dealer bench bleed the unit, reducing warranty returns due to improper bleeding.


CARDONE's remanufactured Master Cylinders not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but are the leading choice in the remanufactured market.