Competitor Comparison: The Best Auto Electronics

CARDONE's Electronics Engineering Department tested a CARDONE remanufactured Engine Control Module and an ECM from our major aftermarket competitor. The results of the tests are detailed below.

Feature Compared Cardone Competitor "X" Cardone Advantage
Cleaning Process No residue found Rough cleaning processes. Cleaning residue found on board will attract moisture leading to intermittent failure and corrosion. Complete and consistent cleaning ensures maximum life of unit by removing all contaminants from the ECM board.
Solder Joints 100% reflow on all critical components. Poorly executed material joining.Signs of poor "capillary action" found on J-leads caused by inconsistent heat and temperature of soldering iron. This will cause J-lead connection to break under adverse conditions when vehicle demand on the ECM is at its highest. High quality reflow ensures J-leads will stay connected despite hostile engine environment, creating a longer life for the ECM.
Conformal Coat Thick, smooth, conformal coat that meets or exceeds O.E. performance. Thin and uneven conformal coating. Thin coating (2 MILS), minimizes protection of ECM and uneven coating creates pockets for moisture to collect. Moisture pockets lead to excessive corrosion and premature failure of unit. The smooth thickness (3-4 MILS) of CARDONE’s conformal coat ensures maximum protection over the entire ECM board.
Prom Cork All components are included with ECM, including both PROM corks. Missing second PROM cork. Without both PROM corks in place, ECM board is able to flex while inserting or removing the PROM—potentially causing critical leads to break. By ensuring both PROM corks are included, CARDONE protects the unit by preventing flexing of the ECM board.
Limp Home Chip All components of the ECM are fully functional. Limp home chip short circuited. With shorted limp home chip, no back-up device exists for the ECM — potentially causing motorist to become stranded. Going the extra mile, CARDONE ensures the entire unit is 100% functional, maximizing the ECM’s performance and reliability.
Part Identification Number ECM is bar-coded appropriately. Bar-code coming loose. Without proper bar-code label, ECM finished good or core cannot be identified by installer or remanufacturer. All CARDONE ECMs are easily recognizable, with a clear and consistent identification system.


CARDONE's ISO9001 and TS16949 certified remanufacturing processes not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but make them the leading choice in the remanufactured market.