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Competitor Comparison: The Best Drivetrain

CARDONE's Quality Assurance Laboratory tested A-1 CARDONE remanufactured CVs against various competitors. The results of the tests are detailed below.

Feature Compared Cardone     Competitor "X" Cardone Advantage
Correct Seal Finish CARDONE polishes every unit (as seen by the shiny surface), so the unit will function correctly. The competitor's seal surface was not polished, and will ruin the differential as a result. CV Boot Fit
Boot Clamps Fastened with a Repeatable Process The CARDONE boot clamp is pneumatically crimped by a tool that crimps with 700 lbs. force every time. This tool is calibrated on a daily basis to ensure clamps are crimped with the same force every time, thus ensuring a perfect fit every time. The competitor boot clamp does not seal correctly. It is tightened by "feel" similar to adjusting valves on a car with a feeler gauge. The problem is that the process is not repeatable and therefore the boot clamps can be loose as seen in this photo. Competitor CV Boot Clamp
Improved Boot Design The CARDONE boot on the right contains more "bellows". This decreases stress on the boot which will help the unit last longer than the competitor unit. Less "bellows". The Best CV Design
Correct Boot for the Correct Application CARDONE matches boots with the correct joints, thus ensuring a perfect fit and longer lasting part. This competitor supplied unit shows a Toyota Joint with a Ford Taurus boot. As you can see from the side view, the boot does not seal correctly. As a result, the joint will leak grease onto the exhaust. When the grease burns off, it will emit an offensive odor. CV Boot Fit
Competitor CV Boot FitCARDONE CV Boot Fit
Splines Chased 100% CARDONE chases splines 100% of the time. This accomplishes two things: it ensures that the unit always has a correct spline count and that the splines are not damaged. Spline chasing practices unknown. Spline chasing 100% of the time is critical, because some axles look identical except for the spline count. When the spline count is off, or if they are damaged, the unit will not correctly fit the hub of the vehicle. CV Spline Count


CARDONE's remanufactured CVs not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but are the leading choice in the remanufactured market.