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Reman Air Disc Brake Calipers

CARDONE Air Disc Brake Calipers

O.E. Quality at a better price!

CARDONE Heavy Duty Air Disc Brake Calipers are engineered and remanufactured to meet the high demands of fleet applications. Each unit is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt with 90% brand new components to match O.E. performance standards. As an added benefit, every caliper is powder coated to extend product life and prevent rust formation.

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  • All new and renewed components are manufactured to match O.E. performance
  • Components are torqued to O.E. specifications for proper long-term function
  • End of line actuation test on internal clutch chain lever bridge bearings
  • Guide pins and bushings tested for slide
  • Units comprised of up to 90% new components

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