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New Aluminum Brake Drums

100% NEW Aluminum Brake Drums

More stopping power than O.E.!

CARDONE Select 100% Brand-New Aluminum Brake Drums are designed to outperform traditional O.E. cast iron brake drums. Since aluminum is a lighter material than cast iron, these brake drums provide better fuel economy, as well as shorter stopping distances. With a limited lifetime warranty, CARDONE Select Aluminum Brake Drums guarantee reliable performance for years to come.

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  • Aluminum composition resists corrosion and prevents rust from forming.
  • Aluminum construction provides a lightweight alternative to heavy cast iron – producing a lower-inertia drum that stops quicker.
  • Friction build-up is drastically reduced on the drum liner surface – decreasing brake fade and potential damage to the shoes.
  • Product metallurgy significantly increases heat dissipation while using the existing O.E. cooling fin design.

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