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CARDONE Introduces Remanufactured Performance Brake Kits

CARDONE Performance Brake Kits, which include a pair of powder-coated calipers, brake lines, brake pads and rotors, offer high quality and great looks — at a great price .

3/7/2016 3:00:00 PM

CARDONE Introduces Remanufactured Performance Brake Kits

In a continuous effort to provide new product solutions to its customers, CARDONE Industries is pleased to announce the release of A1 CARDONE Performance Brake Upgrade Kits. The growing popularity of automotive customization is a clear sign that drivers take pride in how their vehicles look and perform, and the braking system lends itself to many options for performance and aesthetics.

A1 CARDONE Performance Brake Upgrade Kits are the perfect blend of high quality and great looks. They come with a right and left pair of brand-new, premium cross-drilled and slotted rotors, new stainless steel braided brakes lines and remanufactured red powder-coated calipers loaded with semi-metallic premium brake pads. Priced lower than the competition and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this new offering demonstrates CARDONE’s continued commitment to provide high-quality, low-cost product options that allow its customers to differentiate and grow in their respective markets.

About CARDONE Industries

CARDONE Industries, Inc., founded in 1970, is a leading supplier of automotive replacement parts with over 5,000 employees across the USA, Canada and Mexico. In its commitment to deliver the right parts at the right time to its customers, CARDONE offers a full spectrum of products and services, including more than 90 remanufactured and new product lines. CARDONE’s business is built on environmental sustainability, where millions of used parts are remanufactured and repurposed every year — to O.E. or better performance.