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CARDONE Introduces Remanufactured HID Ballasts

CARDONE High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts are a high-quality, lower-cost alternative to O.E. replacement parts.

3/6/2016 3:00:00 PM

CARDONE Introduces Remanufactured HID Ballasts

In a continuous effort to provide new product solutions to its customers, CARDONE Industries is pleased to announce the release of A1 CARDONE Remanufactured HID Ballasts in its effort to introduce new product solutions to its customers.

As automotive technology evolves, vehicle safety remains one of the top priorities for drivers. High intensity discharge headlights are quickly becoming the standard for vehicles due to their improved light output and longer life-span versus traditional halogen bulbs. However, the location of the ballast causes the internal components to fail more quickly than normal, as they are more susceptible to exposure from the elements and front-end collisions.

CARDONE now offers high-quality, remanufactured High Intensity Discharge Ballasts as a lower-cost alternative to O.E. replacement units. All internal circuit boards are tested at the component level. Any electronic components that don’t meet required tolerances are replaced. Parts undergo a rigorous testing protocol on custom testers to ensure proper warm-up time, steady state voltage and pulse duration. Each unit comes ready to install with an easy, plug-and-play design to help reduce down time. This latest innovative offering to an already robust remanufactured lineup represents CARDONE’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability and its customers.

About CARDONE Industries

CARDONE Industries, Inc., founded in 1970, is a leading supplier of automotive replacement parts with over 5,000 employees across the USA, Canada and Mexico. In its commitment to deliver the right parts at the right time to its customers, CARDONE offers a full spectrum of products and services, including more than 90 remanufactured and new product lines. CARDONE’s business is built on environmental sustainability, where millions of used parts are remanufactured and repurposed every year — to O.E. or better performance.