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CARDONE Industries, a leading producer of new and remanufactured auto parts, was honored today as one of the “Healthiest Employers of Greater Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia, PA (June 5, 2014) - Award was presented by the Philadelphia Business Journal at annual event honoring outstanding employee wellness programs

6/5/2014 9:00 PM


(Philadelphia, PA June 5, 2014) - CARDONE Industries, a leading producer of new and remanufactured auto parts, was honored today as one of the “Healthiest Employers of Greater Philadelphia.”  The honor was presented to CARDONE by the Philadelphia Business Journal as part of its annual Healthiest Employers Awards Program, which was held in the Dorrance Hamilton Building at Thomas Jefferson University. CARDONE is one of ten local companies with over 5000 employees to be named to the healthiest businesses list, and this is the second consecutive year the company has been recognized for this honor. 

“Our employees’ total well-being is a top priority for CARDONE Industries, and this recognition is a testament to the progress we have made over the years,” said Kevin Cramton, CEO of CARDONE Industries.  “Happy and healthy employees are more productive, better coworkers, which not only improves workforce morale, but decreases overall healthcare costs for the individual and company.”

CARDONE was recognized for the award due to its innovative employee wellness program.  The wellness program has been praised for expanding its scope well-beyond physical health; examining mental, emotional, internal and external health factors to provide a personalized, holistic approach for each employee. CARDONE employs several full time, on-site health coaches to provide employees with group exercise classes and individual guidance on reducing risk factors. The company also employs “Industrial Chaplains” that provide emotional and therapeutic support and “Body Composition Analyzers” that offer feedback to employees on their progress towards a healthy lifestyle. 

In addition, CARDONE utilizes employee health self-assessments and biometric testing, which it has used to amass a large data set over the past six years detailing potential health concerns and monthly/yearly trends in employee wellness.  By taking a proactive approach to reducing employee risk factors, CARDONE has seen overall healthcare costs decline year-over-year for both employees and the company.  Improved productivity and overall employee happiness, coupled with the realized savings in healthcare costs, has made the CARDONE employee wellness program a resounding success and model for large companies throughout the United States.

About CARDONE Industries

CARDONE Industries, Inc., founded in 1970, is a leading supplier of automotive replacement parts with 6,000 employees across the USA, Canada and Mexico. In its commitment to deliver the right parts at the right time to its customers, CARDONE offers a full spectrum of products and services, including more than 80 remanufactured and new product lines. CARDONE’s business is built on environmental sustainability, where millions of used parts are remanufactured and repurposed every year — to O.E. or better performance.