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Do You DIY?

by User Not Found | Jun 27, 2013

Today's new cars and trucks are more complex than ever. With the introduction of mechatronic (mechanical and electrical) parts, projects that used to be somewhat simple can be much more difficult to complete in your home garage. Does that mean DIY is dead? I don't think so and neither do the team at  the Car Care Council. With help from your local auto parts store, manufacturer technical bulletins and a few special tools, there are still jobs vehicle owners can tackle on their own. Check out this 6 min video put together by the Car Care Council and let us know what YOU think. 



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  1. lLauren Desouza | Apr 27, 2017
    Thanks for sharing wonderful post with the introduction of mechanical and electrical parts of new cars and trucks and I am really grateful to you as you are providing this DIY of auto parts for us. I would love to share this DIY with my team of CV writers at CV Folks who are experts in providing to those automobile engineers who are looking for best quality CV to get a new and well-positioned job including their abilities and reputations which is helpful them to show of talents, hard work and whole cleverness.
  2. tony hawk | Oct 04, 2016
    Today's original cars and trucks are supplementary composite than ever. With the preface of mechatronic (mechanical and electrical) parts, project that used to be rather simple can be little more difficult to entire in your abode garage
  3. Daniel Jorden | Sep 09, 2016

    Mechanical manufacturing is disturbed with the design; production and process of machines, structures and industrialized deposit used in a very wide range of production.

  4. Julie Soe | Sep 09, 2016
    Car Care Council “We understand the attention exposed by auto care production associations deficient to help share the remuneration of regular vehicle care, preservation and repair.
  5. StephenMorris | Jul 29, 2016
    Depends on your car, however, no doubt, on the off chance that you did the back ones on the Focus, you ought to have the capacity to do them on your car. Most cars have a center point that is supplanted. You unbolt the center point and expel it. More often than not those are rusted together. So once the bolts are out, you can utilize a mallet and dull icy etch to relax it around the center point. Works really well. Again it relies on upon the car.
  6. Art Ybarra | Dec 19, 2015
    I had an auto business and gave the customers a choice of either oem parts or reman parts and most on the first go around would choose reman because of the cost. Most would bring their vehicle back when the reman part failed, but others did not return at all. That was business i lost. The one most important thing i learned about your company was the high failure rate of reman parts. I my self used reman parts from your company until I got tired of replacing them. I have an 04 Chevy Tahoe and have replaced the steering box  now for the third time. I called my supplier to have them to send me a replacement and when it arrived it was though it was cleaned up and put in a box for sale. The threads for the pitman arm were cracked and distorted as if they were just cleaned up with a wire wheel. I sent it back and ordered another brand but will have to wait till wednesday before its arrives. I have bought many of your products in the past and as always was disappointed in the quality of workmanship and performance. I now gladly pay a little more for a part that i don't have to replace again at my expense due to failure. 

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