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Reman Steering Products

Why Buy Magna-Pure® Power Steering Pumps or In-line Filters?

They reduce comebacks by up to 40%!

Debris is a major cause of steering system failure. It travels via power steering fluid throughout the entire steering system, eroding and clogging various components and hoses, leading to expensive repairs. Flushing the steering system helps ensure quality repair, but flushing alone does not remove 100% of debris. CARDONE’s exclusive Magna-Pure filtration extends steering system life and ensures proper performance over the long haul.

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The Most Steering Product Coverage in the Industry

CARDONE has the most complete domestic & import coverage in the industry including passenger cars, light trucks, and some medium/heavy-duty applications.

  • Coverage available through 2017.
    • Power Steering from 1958-2017 – 59 years of coverage
    • Rack & Pinion from 1967-2017 – 50 years of coverage
  • Manual Gear Boxes available.
  • Magnasteer & EVO Rack & Pinions available.
  • EVO Power Steering Pumps available.
  • Electronically Powered Hydraulic Steering available (EPHS).
  • Electronic Power Steering available (EPS).

Quality Tested Steering Products

  • CARDONE Engineered product design improvements prevent typical causes of original unit failure.
  • Units are hydraulically tested for proper flow, seal, pressure and output, ensuring like-new performance.
  • Rack & Pinion sleeves are installed using an exclusive bonding process to ensure sleeves never come loose.
  • All critical components are tested three times before leaving the factory to ensure exceptional performance.
  • 100% new premium grade seals & o-rings, including high-temp seals when applicable.
  • Power steering shafts are processed 100% to attain surface finish to original O.E. tolerances.
  • Power Steering Pumps installed with CARDONE In-line Filters reduce comebacks!
    • Filter mesh screening filters up to 190 micron particles - Protects the entire steering system and extends pump life.
    • Filter contains a magnet that collects tiny metallic particles - Protects the entire steering system and extends pump life.
    • Filter is designed with built-in bypass for optimal performance.

CARDONE Difference

rack & pinion exclusive sleeving process

Exclusive tri-bond sleeving

Heat, chemical and mechanical bonds keep the high-carbon steel sleeve firmly in place, giving your customers the performance they rely on.

cv grind

100 percent computerized and hydraulic testing

Advanced computer systems test for proper flow, pressure, leakage and performance.

CARDONE Solutions

  • The industry's leading steering remanufacturer.
  • Outstanding order fill
    • We have the parts you need when you need them.
  • Priority Plus emergency overnight shipping
    • Get your customer back on the road fast!
  • Rebuild and Return (R&R) Service
  • ASE-trained technical advisors 
    • Our technical experts answer tough installation questions. Call them at 888-280-8324, Mon.-Fri. from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST (5:00 PM on Fri.)

Protect Your Repair

The 3F's can

save you

costly repairs.

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View our monthly new part number releases of the latest domestic & import vehicles.