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Competitor Comparison: Best Electrical Motors

CARDONE's Quality Assurance Laboratory tested six CARDONE remanufactured Electrical Motors against six remanufactured Electrical Motors from a competitor. The results of the tests are detailed below.

Feature Compared Cardone Competitor "X" Cardone Advantage
Bottom Bushing Bushing is soaked (impregnated) with oil. Bushing is not lubricated (not impregnated with oil).A dry bushing will make the unit noisy and armature may spin improperly causing premature failure. Lubrication ensures longer wear and extended life of the unit while renewing it to original performance.
Housing Magnet Magnet is fully recharged. Magnet is not recharged. Weakened magnets will prevent the unit from producing the correct amount of torque. Fully recharged magnet ensures armature will spin properly causing the unit to perform at peak efficiency.
Window Lift Gasket New high quality gaskets replace old gaskets. Old gaskets are reused. Original gaskets may not prevent leaks causing early rusting of the unit. New high quality gaskets are often of a better quality than original O.E. gaskets, and will better prevent water from seeping into the unit, causing internal rusting.
Window Lift Motor Gear Gear supplied with 96% of part numbers offered. No gear or cover is supplied with the unit.Lengthens installation time costing the mechanic money. Ease of installation for the mechanic. The unit is ready to be installed with no old components having to be reused.
External Hardware Mounting bracket, the windlatch or crankarm and any extra needed hardware such as the retaining clips are supplied. Does not supply the mounting bracket, the windlatch or crankarm, or any other extra hardware, such as retaining clips. Many times, these items are the reason a unit functions improperly. External components are often the cause for unit malfunction. CARDONE goes the "extra mile" to provide a top quality unit that will meet all customer needs.
Cleaning and Repair Every unit is completely disassembled and cleaned with a chemical compound. New components replace old components. Brush board had carbon deposits. Brush spring was rusted. Unclean surfaces in the electrical system prevents the current from flowing properly. Worn or damaged springs can cause the armature to break contact with one of the magnets resulting in unit failure. Cleanliness of components enables the unit to produce the correct voltage and function properly. CARDONE completely remanufactures every unit to be as good as or better than new.


CARDONE's remanufactured Electrical Motors not only offer a high quality, low cost alternative to new parts, but are the leading choice in the remanufactured market.