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Reman Electronic Brake Assemblies

Electronic Brake Assemblies

The only alternative to the O.E. dealer

Electronic braking systems use complex and sophisticated components to enhance your vehicle’s directional stability and maintain vehicle control during emergency braking. When replacing worn or failing units, choosing the most reliable and thoroughly tested components should be a high priority.

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  • An additional final stage tester simulates reactionary braking scenarios, which tests common stress points for unit failure ensuring reliable performance when unit is installed.
  • Bores meet critical micro finish specifications to eliminate pitting and corrosion, which could cause premature failure.
  • Components and complete assembly are 100% hydraulically and electronically tested.
  • Plastic reservoirs are 100% vacuum-tested to ensure proper function.
  • Units come with 100% new OE-quality rubber components.
  • 100% New OE-quality seals and cups are installed to prevent leakage and ensure like-new performance and reliability. All rubber meets S.A.E. specifications.
  • CARDONE Electronic Brake Units are guaranteed to fit and function like the original — at a fraction of the O.E. dealer price.
  • Remanufactured in the U.S.A.

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