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Master Cylinder Bench Bleeder

Slash Bleeding Time

With Our Master Cylinder Bench Bleeder Tool

This simple tool is easy to use, cuts Master Cylinder bench bleeding time in half and is a more effective way to purge the system of unwanted air. Part number 10-5000MCB

Watch our short video » bench bleeder tool-first-read
  • This Master Cylinder Bench Bleeder Tool cuts typical bleeding procedures in half and is an easy, effective way to purge the brake system of air. This handy, innovative tool is a must, just as bench bleeding is for removing all the air from your brake system.
  • 100% computer testing ensures guaranteed, consistent performance.
  • 100% new OE-quality seals and cups are installed to prevent leakage and ensure like-new performance and reliability. All rubber meets S.A.E. specifications.
  • Bleeding tubes are supplied with applicable applications to make the bleeding process faster and easier.
  • Bores meet critical micro-finish specifications to eliminate pitting and corrosion, which could cause premature failure.
  • Cast iron master cylinders come with premium protective coating to minimize rust, extending on-car and on-shelf life.
  • Piston assemblies are 100% height-gauged to meet or exceed O.E. performance.
  • Plastic reservoirs are 100% vacuum-tested to ensure proper function.

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